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We want to bring healthy air to all of you stuck in traffic every day

No matter if you're a professional driver, an urban commuter or driving your children to school, we want everyone to breathe clean and fresh air throughout the ride. Our modular approach have solutions for both car manufacturers and vehicles already on the road, including buses and trucks.

Superior performance

Unlike traditional solutions, we also trap the smallest, most harmful airborne pollutants, including viruses, bacteria and ultra-fine particles before they can get to you. Since our solution cleans the air before it gets inside the cabin, drivers will have a constant flow of fresh and clean air which prevents spread of airborne viruses, flushes out odors and keeps CO₂ levels down, so you stay alert behind the wheel.

CabinAir named CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for “Outstanding design and engineering”

The system is designed for vehicle use and can be combined with high quality PM, CO₂ and VOC sensors and AI powered cloud platforms to visualize air quality and to guide and navigate you to healthy air in all traffic situations. Whether our solutions are integrated at the factory or are replacing a standard cabin air filter, our Connected Health Zone Systems turn vehicles into powerful air purifiers. 

Integrated from factory

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Solutions for cars already on the road

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