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Superior and integrated
 air purification solution for your car

Superior and integrated air purification solution for your car

With Nordzone™ System we take in-cabin air quality to the next level, removing more than 10x more pollutants in your car compared with traditional solutions.

  • Healthier ride – in contrary to traditional solutions, it also traps the smallest and most harmful airborne particles, such as ultrafine PM₂.₅, viruses and bacteria from entering the cabin
  • Safer ride – no need for recirculation, less risk for spread of viruses and bacteria, fogging and CO₂ build up which can cause drowsiness
  • Easier ride – fully integrated with no loose items so you can focus on the driving
  • Nordzone™ Air quality monitor  guides you to healthy air with details in the Nordzone™ app

Nordzone™ System vs cabin air filters

On-road tests conducted by Tsinghua University compared how traditional cabin air filters performed compared to Nordzone™ System.

While traditional filter performance on larger particles (larger than PM₂.₅) is comparable with the performance of Nordzone™ System, they let a majority of the ultrafine and most harmful particles through.

Harmful pollutants allowed into the cabin

Original filter50%
New best-in-class filter20%
Nordzone™ System4%

Only with Nordzone™ System, the in-cabin air quality was kept within WHO recommended* levels throughout the ride.

The secret behind
Nordzone™ System

Our two-step technology is based on the same Blueair technology proven in millions of homes, offices and public spaces around the world for more than 25 years. We reinvented it for drivers and passengers everywhere.

Fan draws air in through the air intake system

Airborne particles are electrically charged

Particles and gaseous contaminants are captured in the filter

Clean air continuously fills the cabin

Particle charging – charged particles stick like magnets to the filter, trapping even the smallest and most harmful airborne pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, exhaust smoke and ultra-fine particles before they can get to you.

Optimized filter – removes larger particles such as pollen and dust that have a direct, noticeable effect on breathing. It also deactivates viruses and bacteria trapped in the filter and adsorbs unpleasant gases or odors.

Traditional solutions fully rely on passive filtration technologies, which is effective against larger pollutants, while the smallest and most harmful ultrafine particles pass true the filter and goes straight into your vehicle’s cabin.

Our combination of active particle charging technology and mechanical filtration works better than conventional solutions.

In short: Our combination of two technologies gives you healthy air for the ride.

Read more about our technology 

We remove particles most relevant for drivers and passengers

While larger particles from dust and pollen is taken care of by our respiratory system, fine particles from car break emissions go straight down to our lungs, and ultrafine particle from diesel engine exhaust go straight into our blood stream.

As already mentioned, while traditional filter performance on larger particles (larger than PM₂.₅) is comparable with the performance of Nordzone™ System, they let a majority of the ultrafine and most harmful particles through. Read more about what air pollution does to your health

Smart Swedish product design

How do you integrate an air purifier as powerful as the best home air purifiers into the car?

Swedish design is considered minimalist, with an emphasis on functionality and simple clean lines. With smart product design and innovative technology, we managed to downsize the solution to the size of a cabin air filter – without performance loss.

Simply replace your cabin air filter with Nordzone™ System and connect it to the fuse box, to turn your car into a powerful air purifier.

Nordzone™ System

One time installation only

After installing the Nordzone™ System, all you do is to replace the filter on a regular basis, just as a home air purifier but integrated in your car.

  • Disconnect from power and dismount the particle charging unit from the used filter
  • Attach your particle charging unit to the new Nordzone™ System Replacement filter
  • Reconnect to power and start your healthy ride

Technology already on the road

Volvo Cars, a brand long known for being a leader in driver and passenger health and safety has already implemented the technology for the factory-installed Advanced Air Cleaner (AAC) system in new vehicles. Now we want to provide healthy air to all the drivers and passengers in the billions of cars already on the road. That’s why we also created the NordZone™ System.

Check if your car is ready for clean in-cabin air