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Healthy air for the ride

Healthy air for the ride

We want to bring healthy air to all of you stuck in traffic every day. Our offers range from integrated solutions to stand-alone air purifiers to superior cabin air filters.

We know healthy air. Which solution fits you the best?

Nordzone™ System
Integrated solution, removing more than 10x more pollutants compared with traditional solutions

Nordzone™ Air quality monitor
Keep track of your in-car air quality, shows real time in-car air quality data for PM₂.₅, CO2 and VOCs

Nordzone™ Cabin air cleaner
Stand-alone car air purifier, protecting you from harmful particles, dust and pollen

Nordzone™ Car air filters
Big selection of premium car air filters for premium brands

Nordzone™ App
Compare real-time in-cabin air quality data, with outdoor air quality index