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Nordzone™ App

Make the invisible visible

Connect your Nordzone™ Air quality monitor with the Nordzone™ app to get detailed information about your in-cabin air quality.
NOTE! Don’t use your cell phone while driving.

Nordzone® App

Make the invisible visible

We make the invisible visible

Air pollution kills millions every year, like a ‘pandemic in slow motion’. You can’t see or smell the most harmful particles, so how do you know if you're exposed or not?

Our Nordzone™ Air quality monitor sensor technology is optimized for vehicles and makes the invisible visible.

Together with the Nordzone™ app, you can track and compare detailed real-time in-cabin air quality data, with outdoor air quality index.

Get all the air quality details you need

Real-time PM₁₀, PM₂.₅ and PM₁, CO₂ and VOCs values and compare with outdoor air quality index

Detailed data per PM, CO₂ and VOC

Summary data per trip you have made

Outdoor air quality index for your location, or any location you choose

Get instructions in case of warnings

In case of temporarily increased pollutant levels inside the vehicle (can happen in very dense traffic situations or overuse of recirculation mode), the app will show tips and tricks how to quicker get back to healthy in-cabin

High CO₂ levels

Swipe for recommended action

Intuitive interface

The user-friendly interface uses colors to indicate air quality.

Good in-cabin air quality
Good outdoor air quality

Good in-cabin air quality
Bad outdoor air quality 

Connect your Nordzone™ products and get filter replacement reminders

Regular filter replacement is necessary to optimize the cleaning performance of your Nordzone™ air cleaning devices.

Connect your Nordzone™ System, Nordzone™ Cabin air cleaner or Nordzone™ Cabin air filter to the Nordzone™ app and get reminders when it is time to replace filters.

Planning to stop for a break or picnic?

The app gives you air quality index data for your location, or any location you want to select.

Make sure to plan your stops to avoid unnecessary exposure to air pollution.


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