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Nordzone™ Cabin air cleaner

Protects you from harmful particles, dust and pollen

Works with Nordzone™ Air quality monitor and Nordzone™ app so you can get detailed information about your in-cabin air quality. 

Nordzone™ Cabin air cleaner

Stand-alone in-cabin air purifier

The Nordzone™ Cabin air cleaner car is a small and quiet but powerful stand-alone car air purifier for cars, trucks and RVs. It fits all cars with a 12V outlet and is the simplest way to protect drivers and passengers from harmful PM₂.₅ particles, pollen and dust.

Cleans the air in less than 7min

We believe you should have healthy air, no matter where you are, even in your car. So, we decided to use our proven air cleaning technology to make a compact, but efficient air cleaner for your car.

Your new cabin air cleaner cleans the air in 7 minutes and will effectively protect you from harmful airborne particles such as PM₂.₅, dust and pollen.

We also added a layer with active carbon which absorbs unpleasant gases and odors to make your ride more pleasant.







Exhaust fumes

Nordic design

Its stylish but discrete design is ideal for the car interior.

It’s easily mounted to the back of the neck wrest, for a safe and healthy journey.

Easy to install

The air cleaner powered via 12V outlet.

Plug is equipped with one extra USB port, so you can still charge your phone or other devices.

Three speed options

Depending on how polluted the air is outside, you can choose low, medium to high-speed cleaning mode.

The higher cleaning mode, the quicker you will replace the in-cabin air with clean air.

Works with Nordzone™ Air quality monitor and Nordzone™ app

The Nordzone™ Air quality monitor (sold separately) monitors and visualizes the levels of particles and gases inside the cabin and will alert the user to temporarily increased levels of PM, VOC and CO₂ in situations like traffic jams, tunnel driving or overuse of recirculation mode.

The design is discrete, and the user interface is easy to understand at a glance, meaning you can focus on the driving.


Download the Nordzone™ app for free