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Prevents harmful airborne particles,
viruses and bacteria from entering the cabin.


Prevents harmful airborne
particles, viruses and bacteria
from entering the cabin

Air pollution kills millions every year, like a “pandemic in slow motion”

Globally, air pollution accounts for about seven million premature deaths a year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)—more than twice as many as alcohol consumption and more than five times as many as traffic accidents. Most of those deaths are caused by outdoor air pollution. As a comparison, 1.880.510 people died of Covid-19 in 2020.

Drivers exposed to highest levels of air pollution

Vehicles are a major contributor to air pollution. Even electric cars contribute to air pollution through brake, tyre and road abrasion. Therefore, being in heavy traffic or living near a road with heavy traffic may be risky compared with being in other places in a community.

Unless you have great air filtration, the air inside your car is much more polluted than it is outside. That’s because pollutants quickly build up in your car due to the flow of exhaust from the vehicles ahead as well as from fine particles from brake wear, tire wear, road surface wear and more.

Making matters worse, your car’s interior is itself a source of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by materials such as rubber, plastic, foam and leather.

In-cabin pollution comes from many sources
Be here. Breathe here.

Every breath counts

The more time you spend in your car, the more you can be exposed to some of the highest levels of air pollution. This can seriously impact your health. And it’s even worse for children, whose lungs are still developing.

Whether it is a privately owned vehicle or a fleet of cars, we want to make sure everyone in the automobile feels 100 percent confident their health is not at risk.

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Constant flow of clean and fresh air

We know healthy air

Our technology removes up to 10 times more harmful PM₂.₅, ultra-fine particles, bacteria and viruses than standard filters.

On top of that, test carried out by Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology shows that our solution removes 99.97% of airborne viruses and bacteria of similar size as SARS-CoV-2. 

Also, since our solution cleans the air before it gets inside the cabin, drivers will have a constant flow of fresh and clean air. Recent research around the spread of Covid-19 points out the importance of good ventilation to prevent spread of airborne viruses, hence air exchange rate is an important factor. Fresh air will keep CO₂ levels down, so you stay alert behind the wheel.

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