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CabinAir’s Nordzone™ to bring healthy air To drivers and passengers around the world

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CabinAir’s Nordzone™ to bring healthy air To drivers and passengers around the world

Stockholm 01 July, 2020 - Production started July 1 of the Nordzone™ System, CabinAir’s Active Air Quality Solution designed to bring dramatically healthier air to drivers and passengers in the billions of cars already on the road.

The Nordzone™ system is based on technology pioneered by Blueair and proven for decades in homes and commercial spaces. CabinAir first implemented the technology in the factory-installed Advanced Air Cleaner (AAC) system in new vehicles made by Volvo Cars, a brand long known for being a leader in driver and passenger health and safety.

“While the built-in from factory solution is our most premium solution, since it can be 100% optimized for that specific vehicle platform, the Nordzone™ System comes close in performance,” says Daniel Hagström, CabinAir’s CEO.

On-road tests in cooperation with Tsinghua University in Bejing show that more than 50% of outdoor PM2.5 air pollution enters vehicle cabins equipped with standard air filters, while cars with Nordzone™ System installed only let 2–4% in*.

“Our particle charging technology combined with an optimized filter is a solution that really works – not only in the lab but in real driving environment on the roads,” Hagström says.

Bringing healthy air to more cars

The Nordzone™ System fits into the filter compartment and replaces the original filter. It is powered via a connection to the car’s fuse box.

“We are proud that Volvo Cars, one of the world’s most health- and safety-oriented car manufacturers, chose our technology for healthy in-cabin air,” says Hagström. “But we believe everyone should breathe healthy air, so we needed to solve the problem of healthy air for the billions of existing cars. And now we have.”

Removes 99.97%* of viruses and bacteria

Tests conducted by the independent Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology also show that in addition to effective particle filtration, the technology in CabinAir’s Nordzone™ System removes 99.97%* of viruses and bacteria.

“Healthy in-cabin air also means accounting for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be caused by off-gassing from materials inside the car,” Hagström says. “What’s also important is to keep an eye on CO2 levels, which can cause drowsiness when they get too high.”

While traditional solutions for cars require the air to recirculate to reach acceptably low levels of particulates, CabinAir’s solution cleans the air before it even enters the cabin. A constant flow of fresh and clean air flushes out VOC’s and prevents CO2 build up.

“We want to bring healthy air to all of you stuck in traffic every day,” Hagström says. “With our Nordzone™ System, the journey has just begun.”

*On-road tests with different vehicles conducted in collaboration between CabinAir and Tsinghua University May- July 2020. After 30 min in 3m3 test chamber, airflow rate of 300 m3/h, test procedure according to GB 21551.3-2010 by Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology

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