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Another premium European OEM adds Nordzone™ System to its aftermarket sales portfolio

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A second premium European OEM signed an agreement to add CabinAir’s Nordzone™ in-cabin air purification system to its aftermarket sales portfolio for its cars already on the roads.

Polestar 3 using CabinAir technology to protect driver and passenger health

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Polestar, the Swedish premium electric vehicle manufacturer, announced at the world premiere of its latest model that CabinAir’s air purification technology will be bringing healthier in-cabin air to the vehicle’s drivers and passengers. The technology has been integrated in the Advanced Air Cleaner (AAC).

CabinAir wins another prestige deal with a premium European OEM for Active Air Cleaner solution

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Starting in 2025, another of the leading international automotive groups will launch CabinAir’s Active Air Cleaner solution in large numbers globally.

Nordzone™ System effectiveness confirmed in on-road study published by SAE International

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A road test recently published by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International confirms that CabinAir’s Nordzone™ System removes up to 97% of PM₂.₅ compared to 17–50% removal by standard filters in the vehicles tested. The study also verifies that the Nordzone™ System achieves those results in fresh air mode, which prevents the build-up of drowsiness-causing carbon dioxide.

CabinAir Connected Health Zone System for Vehicles named Automotive News PACE Award 2022 finalist

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CabinAir Sweden, which makes advanced air purification systems for vehicles, has been named a finalist for the 2022 Automotive News PACE Awards. Judged by an independent panel of judges, PACE is recognized around the world as the industry benchmark for innovation.