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Healthy air
is a competitive advantage

Healthy air is a competitive advantage

Covid-19 pandemic accelerates new consumer demands for healthy in-cabin air.

Apart from automated driving vehicles, face verification and technology to prevent potential incidents, customers will expect car manufacturers to take necessary steps to secure a clean and safe cabin. Clean and healthy cabins is a competitive advantage.

Our fully integrated, OEM–approved, Active Air Quality Solution prevents harmful airborne particles, viruses and bacteria from entering the cabin.

Constant flow of clean and fresh air

Constant flow of
clean and fresh air

Unlike almost all other systems, our Active Air Quality Solution does not need to be in recirculation mode to work effectively.

Cleans the air before it can get to you

Our Active Air Quality technology is based on the same Blueair technology proven in millions of homes, offices and public spaces around the world for more than 25 years. We reinvented it for drivers and passengers everywhere.

Our combination of active particle charging technology and mechanical filtration works better than conventional solutions. It traps the smallest and most harmful airborne pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, exhaust smoke and ultra-fine particles before they can get to you.

Particle charging – charged particles stick like magnets to the filter, which traps even the smallest and most harmful particles.

Optimized filter – removes larger particles such as pollen and dust that have a direct, noticeable effect on breathing. With activated carbon filter media, you can also remove odors, gases and VOCs.

How does it work in a car?

The particle charging unit is typically placed in the air intake system between the first environmental protection and the cabin air filter.

The system is designed to handle all external environmental elements, such as water, extreme temperature difference, dirt, etc. It must be located before the cabin air filter to enable electrostatic charge of particle matter before it is collected by the filter.

The unit is powered with DC 12V and may be controlled by a vehicle’s climate control module (CCM) using Local Interconnect Communication (LIN).

We know healthy air!

Traditional climate systems need to recirculate the air in the car to reach acceptably low levels of particulates. This rapidly increases the level of CO₂, which can cause drowsiness. Our Active Air Quality System’s constant flow of clean and fresh air into the cabin prevents spread of virus and bacteria, CO₂ build up and flushes out VOCs.

Traditional climate systems

CabinAir's solutions

Combined technologies most effective

While particle charging is most effective against ultrafine particles, mechanical filtration removes larger particles such as pollen and dust. By combining the two technologies, optimal cleaning performance is reached.

CabinAir solution effective against biggest threats to health

Pollutants from flow of exhaust from the vehicles ahead, as well as from fine particles from brake wear, tire wear, road surface wear and more, are important contributors to drivers’ and passengers’ exposure to air pollution. It can seriously impact your health if you don’t filter out these ultrafine and harmful particles.

Road test data on a polluted day

To make sure we deliver the best possible air cleaning solutions to our customers, we constantly test our solutions on the road, not just in the lab. Road tests show that only with our solution, the in-cabin air quality stays within WHO recommended levels throughout the ride.

Removes also the ultrafine and most harmful particles, particles most relevant for drivers and passengers, including viruses and bacteria

With our solution only minor changes are necessary in the vehicle design – working with existing HVAC solutions and manufacturing processes.

Fresh air flow works against spread of virus & bacteria emitted from drivers and passengers from inside the cabin

Our solutions are IoT enabled and can be combined with high quality PM,CO₂ and VOC sensors and software solutions.

Prevents CO₂ build up which can cause drowsiness

Keeps in-cabin air quality within WHO healthy levels throughout the ride

Flushes out VOCs emitted by the materials inside the cabin

Energy efficient with low power consumption

By combining particle charging with mechanical filtration, we can achieve optimal cleaning performance with maintained low pressure drop

Our R&D and manufacturing facilities meet all certifications and standard requirements of OEMs. We are ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and IATF certified.

Already on the road

Premium automobile manufacturers are already seeing the competitive advantage the CabinAir Active Air Quality Solution gives them. It is currently available in Volvo Cars globally, named as Active Air Cleaner (AAC), a core element of Volvo’s CLEANZONE®.

Want to offer something most manufacturers can’t? See how we can make air quality a selling point for your cars. Contact us.