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Fresh air flow works against spread of virus and bacteria
and prevents CO₂ build up which can cause drowsiness


Fresh air flow works against
spread of virus and bacteria
and prevents CO₂ build up
which can cause drowsiness

Slashes levels of particulates, viruses and bacterias

Indeed, on-road tests in cooperation with Tsinghua University in Bejing show that more than 50% of outdoor PM2.5 air pollution enters vehicle cabins equipped with standard air filters, while cars with our technology installed only let in 2–4%*.

Additional tests conducted by the independent Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology also show that in addition to effective particle filtration, the technology in CabinAir’s Nordzone™ System removes 99.97%* of airborne viruses and bacteria*.

Type of microbeNatural
reduction rate
CabinAir solution
reduction rate*
Staphylococcus Aureus
~12% 99.99%
Aspergillus Niger
~12% 99.98%
E.coli bacteriophage
~12% 99.97%

*After 30 min in 3m3 test chamber, airflow rate of 300 m3/h, test procedure according to GB 21551.3-2010 by Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology

Stay alert behind the wheel

Traditional climate systems need to recirculate the air in the car to reach acceptably low levels of particulates. This over time increases CO₂ levels, which can cause drowsiness and longer reaction times.

In less than 10 minutes, CO₂ concentrations in a car with four passengers can exceed up to six times the indoor air exposure level deemed ‘the comfort limit’ by government agencies worldwide.

In CabinAir’s systems, you can allow a constant flow of fresh and clean air to flush out VOCs and prevent CO₂ build up.

We know healthy air

CabinAir was founded by Blueair in 2016, one of the world’s leading producers of air-purification solutions for home and professional use for 25 years. This has been translated into a best-in-class solution for the automotive industry.

Where traditional solutions talk about “clean” air (removal of particles), we take all aspects of in-cabin air quality into considerations (purification, freshness, air exchange rate, airborne viruses and bacteria, CO₂ levels, power consumption and air-flow rate and more). Healthy air for the ride!

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