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Nordzone™ Cabin air filters

Premium car air filters

Keep your in-cabin air clean and fresh with one of our premium car air filters.

Nordzone™ Cabin air filters
 Premium car air filters

Big selection of premium car air filters

Nordzone™ Cabin air filter will effectively protect you from harmful airborne particles such as PMs, exhaust emissions, fine dust and pollen. At the same time, the filter antibacterial layer deactivates viruses and bacteria.

We have also added a layer with active carbon which adsorbs unpleasant gases and odors to make your ride more pleasant.

Viruses and bacteria






Exhaust fumes

1) Particle filter layer

We adhere to the selection of premium electrostatic fabric to guarantee the high filtration performance. Our filter media can remove multiple airborne particles, such as harmful PM₂.₅, exhaust emissions, fine dust and pollen. Compared to the common media, our media has low flow resistance, which can protect the vaporizer in the air conditioning system.

We have also added a layer with active carbon which adsorbs unpleasant gases and odors to make your ride more pleasant.

2) Activated carbon layer

The fine activated carbons are evenly distributed on the layer, which can ensure the harmful gases such as NOx, SOx and odors are absorbed with high efficiency.

3) Supporting layer with anti-bacteria functions

The supporting layer is with antimicrobial treatment, it can deactivate multiple viruses and bacteria. And the same technology has been already deployed in the EU, Canada and United States in FDA cleared N95 respirator.

Change your filter on a regular basis

Blocked filter leads to reduced amount of fresh air and odor adsorption, especially in recirculation mode.

For both health and safe reasons, we recommend you follow your vehicle’s recommended filter change intervals to keep the air clean

For commercial vehicles operating in dense traffic, more frequent change is recommended.

Works with Nordzone™ Air quality monitor and Nordzone™ app

The Nordzone™ Air quality monitor (sold separately) monitors and visualizes the levels of particles and gases inside the cabin and will alert the user to temporarily increased levels of PM, VOC and CO₂ in situations like traffic jams, tunnel driving or overuse of recirculation mode.

The design is discrete, and the user interface is easy to understand at a glance, meaning you can focus on the driving.


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