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SKF brings advanced in-cabin air purification to automotive aftermarket

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SKF brings advanced in-cabin air purification to automotive aftermarket

Collaboration with CabinAir Sweden creates a healthier driving experience for drivers and passengers.

Stockholm, Sweden 27 February 2024 – SKF today announced it has joined forces with in-cabin air quality specialist, CabinAir, to introduce an advanced vehicle air-quality system to the automotive aftermarket. The SKF Smart Air Purification System enhances in-cabin air quality for a healthier and safer driving experience for vehicle occupants and is now available from SKF USA.

The SKF Smart Air Purification System sets a new standard for in-cabin air quality by removing more than 10 times the amount of pollutants in a vehicle's interior compared with conventional solutions. Unlike most traditional systems, this technology not only captures larger particles such as dust and pollen, it also effectively traps ultrafine PM₂.₅ particles (particulate matter 2.5 micrometres or less in diameter), viruses and bacteria before they enter the cabin, creating a healthier and safer driving experience.

"In short, our combination of two technologies provides you with healthy air for your journey," says Daniel Hagström, CEO and co-founder at CabinAir Sweden. "It addresses the critical issue of ultrafine particles entering the respiratory system during vehicle use."

Traditional solutions often rely on passive filtration technologies, which allow ultrafine particles to enter the cabin. The combination of active particle charging technology and mechanical filtration surpasses conventional solutions.

Key Benefits of SKF Smart Air Purification System:

  • Healthier Ride:The system removes the smallest and most harmful airborne particles, providing a healthy in-cabin environment for occupants.
  • Safer Ride:Eliminates the need to recirculate cabin air so the flow of outside air can be maintained, reducing the risk of virus and bacteria transmission between passengers. This also prevents fogged windows and CO₂ build-up, enhancing safety and reducing the potential for drowsiness.
  • Air Quality Monitoring:The SKF Air quality monitor, integrated with the Nordzone™ app, allows users to maintain healthy air levels inside the vehicle and lets them compare interior and outdoor air quality.

The SKF Air Purification System employs a CabinAir patented two-step technology:

  • Particle Charging: Charged particles easily stick to the filter, allowing the system to trap the smallest and most harmful airborne pollutants, such as ultrafine particles from exhausts, brake and road wear, wildfires and more. In addition, the filter traps airborne viruses and bacteria.
  • Optimized Filter: Apart from capturing ultrafine particles, the filter also removes larger particles such as pollen and dust while adsorbing unpleasant gases and odors and deactivates viruses and bacteria, by the filter’s anti-viral filter media layer.

Installation of the SKF Smart Air Purification System is a one-time process, requiring only periodic filter replacements for continued effectiveness. This innovative solution aligns with CabinAir’s and SKF's commitment to advancing automotive technologies for a safer and healthier driving experience.

The Nordzone™ app provides access to real-time data on PM₁₀, PM₂.₅, PM₁, CO₂ and VOCs levels. These metrics can be compared with the outdoor air quality index to inform occupants about the air they’re breathing inside the vehicle. The app employs color-coded indicators to represent air quality levels and provides valuable tips to swiftly restore healthy in-cabin air during temporarily elevated pollutant levels—common in dense traffic situations or due to overuse of recirculation mode.

To learn more about the SKF Smart Air Purification System, please visit

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