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CabinAir to add three new products to CES Award-winning Connected Health Zone System

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CabinAir to add three new products to CES Award-winning Connected Health Zone System

CabinAir, a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for its Connected Health Zone System, is announcing three new additions to its award-winning system at CES: An on-the-go air quality monitor that goes wherever you do, a plug-and-play air purifier for passenger cars and a modular air purifier for trucks and buses. The products will launch on selected markets starting this spring.

Fitting into the palm of your hand, the portable Nordzone™ Explorer air quality monitor displays a read-out of air quality in your home, office or school, as well as in your car.

The Swedish innovator of advanced air quality systems for vehicles says the device is a natural extension to its product line. “We have always believed that people should be able to breathe healthy air wherever they are,” says the company’s CEO, Daniel Hagström. “When we developed our in-cabin monitor for vehicles, we immediately realized that people’s need for healthy air doesn’t stop when they park their cars. So we got to work on a portable version.”

Knowledge to promote health
In some cases, Nordzone™ Explorer can play a key role in preventing the transmission of illness. That’s because it displays carbon dioxide levels, which represent how effective a ventilation system is. High CO2 levels produced by exhaled air indicate less effective ventilation and potentially high levels of airborne pathogens, including viruses. A high CO₂ level might mean doors or windows should be opened, recirculation turned off, a fan turned up, or that it’s just time to leave.

Nordzone™ Explorer uses a row of LEDs on one side to indicate the level of airborne particle and a row of LEDs on another side to indicate the levels of carbon dioxide (CO₂) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from interior plastics, carpets, cleaning products, us humans and more. “Nordzone™ Explorer is all about giving people the power to choose better health, which you can only do if you know the risks you are taking,” Hagström says.

Download the Nordzone™ app to get real-time PM₁₀, PM₂.₅ and PM₁, CO₂ and VOCs values and compare with outdoor air quality index. The app uses colors to indicate air quality and gives you tips and tricks how to quicker get back to healthy in-cabin air in case of temporarily increased pollutants or CO₂ levels.

The fast lane to healthier air
Meanwhile, the fastest route to healthier air on the road may be one of CabinAir’s two upcoming air purifier models. The plug-and-play Nordzone™ Airbar is powerful enough for personal vehicles – even for larger car models such as SUV’s or RV’s. The even more powerful Nordzone Airbar Pro can be configured using multiple modules for installation in trucks and buses.

Both devices offer best-in-class filtration. “Airborne particles, especially PM₂.₅ particles, cause a number of health problems. These fine particles can get deep into the lungs, and some may even get into the bloodstream. Children are at a higher risk due to their developing lungs. So are professional drivers, who spend many hours in their vehicles, where they breathe air that is much more polluted than outside air.

“Bus drivers often spend 40 hours per week behind the wheel, and long-distance truck drivers may spend 20 hours per day in their cabs, so improving cabin air can lead to a significant improvement in health for professional drivers,” Hagström says.

Two-stage solution much more effective
Both Nordzone™ Airbars employ two-stage air purification technology that combines the effects of particle charging and an optimized mechanical filter. The particle charging stage gives airborne particles an electrical charge as they enter the system, making tiny particles like PM₂.₅, viruses and bacteria “stickier,” so they get trapped in a filter much more effectively. Mechanical filtration removes large particles: pollen and dust that have an immediate, noticeable effect on breathing.

The three new products will complement CabinAir’s other Connected Health Zone System products, which include OEM air purification technology used in more than half a million vehicles on the road today, a built-in aftermarket solution that upgrades air quality systems in cars already on the road, and a connected air quality monitor optimized for in-vehicle use.

Designed to look good, with premium Swedish product design, the devices will launch in selected markets spring 2022.

If you’re at CES 5-8 January 2022
Come visit us in booth #7233 in LVCC West Hall (Transportation / Vehicle Tech). We are happy to give you a personal demo or a 1:1 talk with Daniel Hagström to learn more about our awarded Connected Health Zone System. If you're not attending in person, we are of course available for online meetings.

About CabinAir
CabinAir aims to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of drivers and passengers by producing industry leading in-cabin air purification solutions for cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

CabinAir was established in 2016 as a subsidiary of Blueair, one of the world’s leading producers of air purification solutions for home and professional use. Based in Stockholm we are now an international fast expanding team of passionate and committed employees with factory and R&D in Shenzhen and sales offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles.

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