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CabinAir partners with leading U.S EV manufacturer to Provide Active Air Quality Solution and sensor technology.

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CabinAir partners with leading U.S EV manufacturer to Provide Active Air Quality Solution and sensor technology.

CabinAir, a Swedish company that develops innovative solutions for in-cabin air quality, announced today that it has won a prestigious deal with one of the California-based top EV manufacturers. Starting in 2025, CabinAir’s Active Air Quality solution, including sensor technology, will be integrated into the manufacturer’s EVs.

The agreement is recognition of CabinAir’s expertise and leadership in the field of air purification and sensor technology for vehicles. CabinAir was named CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for “Outstanding design and engineering” for its Connected Health Zone System, which combines active air cleaning with smart sensors and cloud-based services.

“We are very proud to have been chosen to be a volume supplier to one of the top EV brands in the U.S.,” says Daniel Hagström, CabinAir CEO and co-founder. “It’s proof that we are doing things right, both for the car-driving population and from a business and technology perspective. For this customer, we have been selected to be responsible for the whole system approach, including sensor technology.”

CabinAir’s Active Air Quality solution is based on a patented two-stage technology that removes up to 15 times more harmful ultra-fine particles than standard filters.

“The automotive industry is taking in-cabin air quality more seriously,” says Hagström. “As EVs become more popular, they contribute to better air quality. However non-exhaust emissions such as from brakes, tires and road friction will still find their way into the cabin. Many EVs are heavier than cars with combustion engines, which actually means an increase of certain types of on-road air pollution.”

The Active Air Quality solution’s constant flow of clean and fresh air into the cabin prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria, CO₂ build-up, and flushes out VOCs. Studies have shown that cleaner and fresher air can reduce fatigue and improve alertness and cognitive performance.

“This helps to ensure that drivers and passengers are safe and healthy throughout their journey, as the sensors will show you.” says Hagström.

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