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that works

that works

We innovate for a healthier and safer drive

CabinAir’s air purification solution combines the effect of particle charging technology with an optimized mechanical filter.

The particle charging device gives airborne particles an electrical charge as they enter the system, making them “stickier,” so they get trapped in a filter much more effectively, while the mechanical filtration removes large particles: pollen and dust that has a direct, noticeable effect on breathing. Activated carbon filter can be added in custom solutions.

Superior to single technology

With this combination, our technology removes up to 10 times more harmful PM₂.₅, ultra-fine particles than standard filters. On top of that, test carried out by Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology shows that our solution removes 99.97% of airborne viruses and bacteria of similar size as SARS-CoV-2.  Also, since our solution cleans the air before it gets inside the cabin, drivers will have a constant flow of fresh and clean air.

Optimized for vehicles

The system is designed for vehicle use and to handle all external environmental elements, such as water, extreme temperature difference, dirt, etc.

Our integrated system is powered and controlled by the vehicle’s climate system using LIN-bus, or thru our IoT platform. For cars already on the road, the system is powered from the fuse box, USB-C port or 12 V outlet. The solution is energy efficient with low power consumption which is extra important for e-vehicles.

Our solutions are IoT enabled and can be combined with high quality PM, CO₂ and VOC sensors and software solutions. The air quality data can be visualized on smartphones, tablets or in the vehicle’s infotainment system, and we can guide the user to healthier air both in the vehicle and in the navigation system, with our Ai powered guidance systems and algorithms.

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