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Fully integrated into the climate
system of your car


Fully integrated into the
climate system of your car

Smart product design so you can focus on driving

Our best performing air quality solutions are integrated in your existing HVAC solution, with minimal changes needed.

But how do you integrate an air purifier as powerful as the best home air purifiers into the vehicle?

With smart product design and innovative technology, we managed to downsize the solution – without performance loss.

Integrated from factory

For OEM’s this means minimal changes needed, to secure a fast development and integration project, with low risk.

Our solution is already an integral part of Volvo Cars’ Advanced Air Cleaner (AAC) system. The system was first launched in China 2019 as part of the company’s well-known focus on the health and safety of their customers. The AAC system is now featured globally in Volvo Cars’ 2020 models.

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Nordzone™ - for cars already on the road

We believe everyone should breathe healthy air, so we needed to solve the problem of healthy air for the billions of existing cars. And we did.

Our Nordzone™ offering has something for everyone. Premium car brand owners can have our integrated solution Nordzone™ System installed, our best performing solution for the aftermarket. Others might choose our stand-alone Nordzone™ Cabin car cleaner, fits all cars with a 12V outlet. Or maybe you just want to secure that you have a premium Nordzone™ Car air filter to protect you from dust and pollen?

All our products work with Nordzone™ Air quality monitor and app, so you can keep track on in-cabin air quality and compare with outdoor.

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