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Another premium European OEM adds Nordzone™ System to its aftermarket sales portfolio

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Another premium European OEM adds Nordzone™ System to its aftermarket sales portfolio

Stockholm 01 December 2022— A second premium European OEM signed an agreement to add CabinAir’s Nordzone™ in-cabin air purification system to its aftermarket sales portfolio for its cars already on the roads.

“Health-conscious people are more aware than ever of environmental and on-road air pollution,” says CabinAir CEO Daniel Hagström. “This is turning safe interior cabin air into a must-have feature in premium cars.”

Hagström adds that the Covid-19 pandemic has intensified consumer demand for air purification in cars as well as in schools, offices, and homes. “Drivers and passengers expect a clean, safe cabin that includes healthy, non-toxic air to breathe. OEMs are listening to that and seeing healthy in-cabin air as a competitive advantage in new cars and in cars already on the roads.

“Whether you are a professional driver, an urban commuter or driving your children to school, we want everyone to breathe clean and fresh air throughout the ride,” Hagström continues. “Standard solutions simply are not good enough, which is why more and more premium OEMs who compete on driver and passenger wellbeing are turning to us to help them deliver for their customers.”

Two-stage solution delivers results

CabinAir’s two-stage air purification solution for vehicles boosts the particle filtration performance by combining the effect of particle charging technology with an optimized mechanical filter. The particle charging device gives airborne particles an electrical charge as they enter the system, making them “stickier,” so they get trapped in the filter much more effectively – without adding pressure drop.

Hagström explains that the technology is especially effective against the most harmful and ultra-fine particles. Indeed, CabinAir’s two-step solution removes up to 10 times more ultra-fine particles than standard filters. These particles are among the most dangerous to human health since they can go deep into the lungs and directly into the blood stream.

Effective against airborne viruses

On top of effective particle filtration, tests carried out by Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology show that the CabinAir solution removes 99.97% of airborne viruses and bacteria of similar size as SARS-CoV-2. Also, since the solution cleans the air before it gets inside the cabin, drivers enjoy a constant flow of fresh and clean air.

Keeps drivers more alert

Current car air filters need to recirculate the air to deliver good filtration results, but this comes at a cost of driver and passenger safety, since drivers and passengers can quickly be exposed to high levels of CO₂ which can cause driver fatigue, a potential safety risk on roads.

“The Nordzone System keeps the in-cabin air clean and fresh, and air quality within WHO recommended levels throughout the ride.”

The OEM will launch the Nordzone System under its own name in China to start with and make it available to its current customers through its own aftermarket sales channels (OES).

“While built-in-from-factory (OEM) solutions allow for optimized performance by integrating the technology into the whole design of a car’s HVAC system, you can’t exactly expect every health-conscious person to just go out and buy a new car,” Hagström notes.

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