Connect your Nordzone™ System with the Nordzone™ app to get detailed information about your in-cabin air quality.

Together with the Nordzone™ Air quality monitor the app compares real-time air quality data in-cabin and outdoors. It also gives recommendations for how air quality can be further improved and guides you to the Nordzone™ Air quality monitor’s interface.

Real-time air quality data

When connected to the Nordzone™ Air quality monitor, the app shows real-time levels of PM2.5, CO₂ and VOCs inside the cabin, along with outdoor air quality index.

Healthy in-cabin air coach

The Nordzone™ Air quality monitor with its at-a-glance interface gives you indications if PM2.5, CO₂ or VOC levels temporarily increase inside the cabin. This can happen when driving behind trucks, in tunnels or in dense traffic. The Nordzone™ app will give you tips and tricks how to quicker get back to healthy in-cabin air. (NOTE! Don’t use your mobile phone while driving).

Nordzone™ System filter replacement reminder

Regular filter replacement is necessary to optimize the cleaning performance of your Nordzone System. The Nordzone app will remind you when it is time to replace the filter.

You can download the app for free here.

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