Healthy air for the ride
with Nordzone™ System

Want to increase both customer satisfaction and revenue at service intervals? Now you can.

We have launched an aftermarket version of the fully integrated, OEM-approved air purification solution that we supply to Volvo Cars for its Advanced Air Cleaner (AAC) system. Our system can be installed during a scheduled filter change or as an upgrade when selling used cars.

As a retrofit to existing HVAC systems, the CabinAir Nordzone™ System offers consumers a more effective, more comfortable way to improve their in-cabin air quality – even in older cars. It removes up to 97% of harmful particles in a single pass, instead of working in recirculation mode. That means it is effective without building up the levels of drowsiness-causing CO2.

A constant flow of fresh air also means that common gases such as formaldehyde and other VOCs are continuously flushed out and replaced with fresh air.

Our solutions are based on the same two-stage technology pioneered by Blueair, a world leader in air purification for homes, offices and public spaces for 25 years.

Removes harmful PM2.5 and ultrafine particles, plus 99.97% of bacteria and viruses*

No need for recirculation, so less risk of CO2 build-up causing drowsiness

Fully integrated air purifier with no distractions from loose items

*After 30 min in 3m3 test chamber, airflow rate of 300 m3/h, test procedure according to GB 21551.3-2010 by Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology

Turn the car into an air purifier – how Blueair technology works in cars

Outdoor air is pulled in through the air intake. The particle charging unit is placed directly ahead of the cabin air filter and powered via a connection to the fuse box. Airborne particles are given an electrostatic charge to make them “sticky” before they are trapped by the filter.

Traditional climate systems need to recirculate the air in the car to reach acceptable low levels of particulates. This can quickly increase CO2 levels, which increase the risk of drowsiness. The constant flow of fresh air into the cabin flushes out VOCs and prevents CO2 build up.

The Nordzone™ System filter media with micronAir® protect, with antiviral surface protection, is replaced within the same service interval as standard cabin air filters.

Nordzone™ System filtration performance table

Filtration performance

A2 test dust (CN95 equivalent performance)

PM1, PM2.5 and ultrafine PM (0.01-0.1 µm)*

Bacteria, fungi and virus filtration removal**

CADR (PM2.5)




256 m3/h

Technical specification

Particle charging technology

Operating supply voltage

Current consumption

Functional lifetime

Filter change frequency

Operational temperature

Production location



0.1 A

80.000 km/5 years

Follow your vehicle’s recommended change intervals

-20°C – 70°C

Shenzhen, China

*CabinAir Nordzone System variant 01 (9001 011 01), test procedure according to ISO 16890-2 with DEHS aerosol, single pass filtration in air flow 150m3/h

**After 30 min in 3m3 test chamber, airflow rate of 300 m3/h, test procedure according to GB 21551.3-2010 by Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology

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