Installed during service or as an accessory

Nordzone™ products are inspired by our origins in Sweden, which is part of the Nordic forests. Here, most of the land is covered by trees that create oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, helping to keep the air clean and fresh. We believe drivers and passengers around the world should be able to breath fresh, healthy air like the air we breathe every day.

Bring your customers’ HVAC systems up to speed

Want to increase customer satisfaction and revenue at service intervals? Now you can, because we have adapted our fully integrated, OEM–approved air purification solution to the aftermarket. Our system can be installed during a scheduled filter change or as an upgrade when selling used cars.

As a retrofit to existing HVAC systems, the CabinAir Nordzone™ System offers consumers a more effective, more comfortable way to improve their in-cabin air quality—even in older cars. It removes up to 97% of harmful particles in a single pass, instead of working in recirculation mode. That means it’s effective without building up the levels of drowsiness-causing CO2.

A constant flow of fresh air also means that common gases such as formaldehyde and other VOCs are continuously flushed out and replaced with fresh air.

What’s our secret?

Our system, based on the same Blueair technology proven in millions of homes, offices and public spaces around the world, combines the effect of an optimized mechanical filter with particle charging technology. This combination is what makes the system so effective. And it is especially effective against the very small and ultrafine particles that are the most harmful to health.

It is a solution whose time has come: A staggering 72% of Chinese consumers are worried about the impact air quality inside their cars has on themselves and their families. The same number, 72% of people asked, also said that they are aware of the negative health effects of breathing polluted air*.

Easy installation

The particle charging unit is attached to the filter together with an electronic control unit (ECU). The system is dimensioned so it can be fitted in place of the current cabin air filter. The difference is that it’s powered. The filter itself is optimized to work with the particle charging unit and is replaced at the same service interval as ordinary filters.

* Study conducted by research agency Bonamy Finch for Blueair, 2017

Nordzone™ cabin filter – upgrade your current filter

The stand-alone Nordzone™ Cabin air filter lets you upgrade a standard filter with a better filter. It can be used on its own or combined with a Blueair Cabin car purifier for even cleaner air.

Activated carbon is a proven technology for aftermarket air filters for cars. The media have fine fibers to efficiently capture particles such as PM2.5 and dust.

Mobile sensors enable continuous tracking

Our Nordzone™ Air quality monitors can monitor the air quality both inside and outside the cabin.

  • A stand-alone air quality monitor enables you to track the air quality progress as a complement to your existing air cleaning solution
  • An integrated sensor under the hood enables you to measure the air quality before it enters the cabin and in combination with the in-car sensor allows you to compare in-cabin vs outdoor.

Sensor data such as PM2.5, PM1.0 and CO2 can be used and visualized in different ways, both integrated in the dashboard through the vehicle’s own API and in the connected mobile app.