Turn your car into an air purifier with Nordzone™ System

We believe you should have healthy air no matter where you are, even in heavy traffic. With Nordzone™ System you stop harmful ultrafine airborne particles, virus and bacteria from entering the cabin.

The secret behind Nordzone™ System

Our two-step technology combines active particle charging technology with mechanical filtration.

Particle charging – charged particles stick like magnets to the filter, trapping even the smallest and most harmful particles.

Optimized filter – removes larger particles such as pollen and dust that have a direct, noticeable effect on breathing. It also deactivates viruses and bacteria trapped in the filter and adsorbs unpleasant gases or odors.

Traditional solutions fully rely on passive filtration technologies, which is effective against larger pollutants, while the smallest and most harmful ultrafine particles pass true the filter and goes straight into your vehicle’s cabin.

The two-step technology makes Nordzone™ System superior to traditional solutions.

Nordzone™ System

Traditional solutions

The Nordzone™ System difference

Filtration Performance

While traditional filter performance on larger particles (larger than PM2.5) is comparable with the performance of Nordzone™ System, they let more than 40% of the ultrafine and most harmful particles through.

To reach acceptable low levels of harmful particulates, traditional solutions need to recirculate the air, which over time increase CO2 levels, that in turn can cause drowsiness.

Nordzone™ System constantly fills the cabin with clean and fresh air, which flushes out VOCs and prevents CO2 build up.

What does that mean on a polluted day?

As people spend more time in their cars, they are increasingly exposed to some of the highest levels of air pollution, which can seriously impact your health. Children are at a higher risk of suffering from harmful effects of air pollution in the car cabin, and the problem is even worse for professional drivers, who are breathing that air all day long.

With Nordzone™ System installed, the in-cabin air is within healthy levels throughout the ride.

*On-road tests conducted by CabinAir and Tsinghua University May-July 2020.

Clean air is not enough

Clean air

Traditional systems need to recirculate the air in the car to reach acceptable low levels of particles, still not capable of fully securing air quality.

Healthy air

Nordzone™ System cleans the air on a single pass filtration, the constant flow of clean and fresh air keeps CO2 levels down and we also flush out VOCs and airborne viruses and bacteria.


In contrary to traditional solutions, it also traps the smallest and most harmful airborne particles, such as ultrafine PM, viruses and bacteria from entering the cabin.


Fresh air flow prevents CO2 build up which can cause drowsiness.


Fully integrated into the climate system of your car


Connect the device to the Nordzone™ app and keep track of your in-car air quality

Proven technology

The technology is based on the same Blueair technology proven in millions of homes, offices and public spaces around the world for more than 25 years.

Easy to install

Nordzone™ System replaces your standard air filter and fits into the filter compartment. It is powered by the fuse box.

Technology already on the road

Volvo Cars, a brand long known for being a leader in driver and passenger health and safety has already implemented the technology for the factory-installed Advanced Air Cleaner (AAC) system in new vehicles. Now we want to provide healthy air to all the drivers and passengers in the billions of cars already on the road. That’s why we also created the NordZone™ System.

Nordzone™ System filtration performance table

Filtration performance

A2 test dust (CN95 equivalent performance)

PM1, PM2.5 and ultrafine PM (0.01-0.1 µm)*

Bacteria, fungi and virus filtration removal**

CADR (PM2.5)




256 m3/h

Technical specification

Particle charging technology

Operating supply voltage

Current consumption

Functional lifetime

Filter change frequency

Operational temperature



0.1 A

80.000 km/5 years

Follow your vehicle’s recommended change intervals

-20°C to 70°C

*CabinAir Nordzone System variant 01 (9001 011 01), test procedure according to ISO 16890-2 with DEHS aerosol, single pass filtration in air flow 150m3/h

**After 30 min in 3m3 test chamber, airflow rate of 300 m3/h, test procedure according to GB 21551.3-2010 by Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology

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