Your guide to healthy in-cabin air

The Nordzone™ Air quality monitor visualizes the levels of particles and gases inside the cabin. It also alerts you in case of temporarily increased levels of PM, VOC and CO₂ which could temporarily occur in extreme traffic situations like heavy traffic jam, tunnel driving or overuse of recirculation mode.

The design is discrete, and the at-a-glance interface is easy to understand, meaning you can focus on the driving.

Real-time data at-a-glance

The Nordzone™ Air quality monitor measures air quality continuously, displaying the result on the light scale.

There are two separate light scales, one for PM levels (A) and one for VOCs and CO₂ combined (B).

Healthy air

no action needed

Fresh air but not clean

(increased PM2.5)

close windows, temporarily activate recirculation mode

Clean air but not fresh

(increased VOC/CO₂)

open fresh air intake to flush out stalled air

The color of the light scale also indicates how much attention you need to pay.

• White light = no action needed.
• Orange light = pay attention and act
• Red light = take immediate action

Installation and placement

The Nordzone Air quality monitor should be placed inside the cabin where the driver can see the interface clearly without being distracted from driving. Mount the air quality monitor in an at-a-glance position close to the power connection. The air quality monitor has a magnetic bottom plate (magnetic holder not included) and a bottom surface with high friction rubber. The Nordzone Air quality monitor is connected via USB-C cable.

Download the Nordzone™ APP to connect your Nordzone™ devices.

Download the APP

Available on Android and iOS

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