Volvo brings Chinese media to Cabin Air HQ

Volvo brings Chinese media to Cabin Air HQ

CabinAir makes headlines in China

Today was a big day for CabinAir! Volvo Cars China organized a visit to to our office in Stockholm during their Swedish media tour, bringing Chinese journalists with them. The idea was to give the media a thorough introduction to our Advanced Air Cleaning system (AAC), which we have developed for Volvo Cars.

The journalists asked a lot of questions about our two-stage technology, which combines the effect of an optimized mechanical filter with active particle charging technology to absorb ultra-fine particles such as PM2.5 or PM1.

Continuous flow of outside air

They were especially intrigued by the fact that with our solution, outside air flows into the car continuously, since it does not depend on using the recirculation mode to clean the air. And by the way, with fresh air entering, you not only reduce the risk of increased CO2 levels inside the cabin causing drowsiness, you prevent internal moisture from fogging up the windshield and windows.

I think it’s great that there is so much interest in what we are doing, especially when it’s coming from our biggest market. And it is especially satisfying to see so much interest in making the air cleaner and healthier for drivers and passengers.

Thanks to all who pitched in

Of course, it’s not every day we get 20+ visitors, with eight journalists, several influencers, two camera teams and representatives from Volvo Cars China and Volvo Cars Gothenburg. So a lot of people were involved in the preparations.

We kicked off with an “office cleaning day” (staff were rewarded by pizza and beer). Then we realized we need to make the office look more “CabinAir,” so posters and other branding material was created.

A lot of hours and effort were spent to (in short time) build a whole new AAC single-pass demonstration box, plus make adjustment to the smoke-box we have borrowed from Blueair to show how quickly a Volvo HVAC can remove smoky air. Then, of course, came the work to finalize the presentations, together with Blueair & Volvo Cars Gothenburg.

But the hard work paid off, and Volvo Cars was really happy with the three hours they spent at CabinAir. So were we!

Here are some pictures from the day.

Daniel Hagström, CabinAir CEO