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Airinum Collaborates with CabinAir to Launch Personal Space Air Purifier Hale - Powered by CabinAir

Posted by Cabin Air on

Airinum, a leading Swedish company specializing in empowering people with innovative products to live healthier lives, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with CabinAir, an industry leader in air purification solutions and advanced air quality sensors for automotive, as well as various mobile environments. Together, they have developed the compact but still high performing personal space air purifier Hale, designed to ensure cleaner air wherever you are.

SKF brings advanced in-cabin air purification to automotive aftermarket

Posted by Cabin Air on

SKF today announced it has joined forces with in-cabin air quality specialist, CabinAir, to introduce an advanced vehicle air-quality system to the automotive aftermarket. The SKF Smart Air Purification System enhances in-cabin air quality for a healthier and safer driving experience for vehicle occupants and is now available from SKF USA.

Wildfire crisis drives need for better in-cabin air quality solutions

Posted by Cabin Air on

As smoke from the devastating wildfires in Canada continues to pollute the air, posing a severe threat to the health of millions of Americans, CabinAir, a leading Swedish technology company, has stepped up to address this urgent issue. CabinAir has successfully developed a cutting-edge technology that can deliver healthier air to drivers and passengers, ensuring their well-being even in the midst of this crisis.

Luxury European Car Manufacturer Partners with CabinAir to Launch Active Air Quality Solution

Posted by Cabin Air on

A well-known European luxury car manufacturer that produces high-end vehicles known for their sleek and modern design, advanced technology, and performance, will launch CabinAir's Active Air Cleaner solution in large numbers globally by the end of 2025. The brand, which is often associated with innovation, precision engineering, and attention to detail, is expanding its commitment to providing a luxury driving experience with an added focus on in-cabin air quality.

Leading EV OEM in China picks CabinAir to supply Active Air Quality Solution

Posted by Cabin Air on

CabinAir, a leading developer of advanced in-cabin air quality solution for vehicles, has been selected by one of the biggest electric vehicle makers in China to supply its systems. The partnership between the two companies aims to provide a cleaner and healthier in-cabin air quality experience for drivers and passengers.